Welcome to the 55th annual Wimmera Machinery Field Days.

The Committee and Staff of the Wimmera Machinery Field Days are excited to host this year’s event which has a proud tradition of showcasing the best the world has to offer in agriculture and technologies to the communities of our region and further afield. Our patrons enjoy a relaxed day to look around and conduct business with our many exhibitors and it is also a fantastic opportunity to gather socially and catch up with acquaintances.

Agriculture is ever changing. Technology and engineering is moving forward at incredible speeds.  Farming practices that our grandparents would only have dreamt of are now common and the Wimmera Machinery Field Days provides an excellent platform for all visitors to see and learn and explore new ideas and innovations to help their chosen field.

The Wimmera Machinery Field Days Committee is a volunteer organisation and the members bring together a wide range of ideas, experience, abilities, and passion for our event. There is a strong desire to support our exhibitors who support the Field Days and we look forward to working with them in the future. We would like to thank all our sponsors for their contributions to our event and to the many local community groups who’s hard work and participation help make the Wimmera Machinery Field Days a success.

We would like to thank all our exhibitors and we consider them to be essential to a successful event. Our exhibitors are a driving force in agriculture, always striving for better but are also play a key role in providing a great atmosphere and a fantastic day out for all our visitors. Once again I extend a very warm welcome to all who are attending the 55th annual Wimmera Machinery Field Days.  I hope your time at our event will give you the opportunity to grow your business, achieve your goals, and improve your lifestyle in our community.

Peter Moore
President, Wimmera Machinery Field Days