In the interest of public safety, Risk Management, and Occupational Health and Safety requirements, vehicle access to the site will be kept to an absolute minimum.

Vehicle access on site

One (1) ‘ON SITE’ Vehicle Pass will be allocated per exhibitor for use during the field days. The ‘ON SITE’ Vehicle Pass will admit one vehicle on to the field days site to restock exhibits between the hours as follows:

7.00am-8.30am and 5.00pm-6.00pm

The Field Days Exhibitor Courier Service can be utilised to transport goods to and from exhibitor sites between 8.30am-5.00pm.

Site parking

The Exhibitor ‘ON SITE’ Vehicle Pass allows ONE VEHICLE ONLY on the Exhibitor’s site (outdoors) to be parked during the Field Days. This vehicle must remain stationary between 8.30am-5.00pm, be located within the site boundary, not prominent to patrons and the ‘ON SITE’ Vehicle Pass prominently displayed on the front windscreen. For exhibitors whose outdoor site is not large enough to accommodate a vehicle then it must be parked in the designated Exhibitor Car parks external to the Field Days site.

Display/corporate vehicle on site

A second vehicle can be parked on any outdoor site if it forms part of the display (ie corporate vehicle with company decals, advertising wraps, promotional signage etc). This must be indicated on the Site Application form and a ‘Display Vehicle Pass’ will be provided to be placed on the inside front windscreen. The Display Vehicle MUST remain stationary on the exhibitor’s site between 8.30am and 5.00pm during the Field Days.

Parking indoor sites and country lifestyle sites

Country Lifestyle and Country Gourmet sites holders will have access to a new exhibitor park on the northern boundary. (see map) Only 6m x 9m outdoor Country Lifestyle Square sites are permitted to have max 1 vehicle parked on the site not in public view. Alan Heard Pavilion (AHP) Moore Exhibition Centre (MEC) & Field Days Marquee (FDMQ) site holders will be required to park their vehicles in the external exhibitor car parks.

General exhibitor parking (off site)

Exhibitor Parking Passes will be allocated at the discretion of the WMFD and in most cases according to the location of the exhibitor’s site. This will be identified on the Exhibitor Parking Pass and must be displayed on the exhibitor vehicle at all times. Exhibitor car parks are on the southern and eastern external boundary of the Field Days Site.

For those exhibitors requiring additional Exhibitor Parking Passes after allocation please contact the Wimmera Machinery Field Days Management Office.

Penalties: Parking and on-site driving

Vehicles found incorrectly parked on site will be escorted outside, and will not be allowed to re-enter until after 5.00pm and may not be able to enter for any remaining days.

Vehicles found driving on site during the Field Days between 8.30am-5.00pm will be escorted outside and will not be allowed to re-enter until after 5.00pm and may not be able to enter for any remaining days.

Access/departure final day

Exhibitor vehicles, transport trucks and contractors will NOT be able to exit or enter the site until 5.00pm on the final day. If an exhibitor wishes to leave the site early on the final day then they must park their vehicle in the external car parks WMFD will not open the site before 5pm and will strictly enforce the NO VEHICLE MOVEMENT policy on site until 5.00pm on the final day.