Chris Bartlettt

Welcome to the 57th annual Wimmera Machinery Field Days.

The Wimmera Machinery Field Days provides a world-class event to the communities of the Wimmera, Mallee and Western Victoria. We are proud to be able to provide an opportunity to our exhibitors to showcase the latest and greatest that the world’s agricultural manufacturers have to offer.  Likewise, our patrons have the chance to conduct business and learn new technologies and avenues of growth in the ag industry.

The organising committee and staff are a passionate and dedicated group.  Members work tirelessly to overcome obstacles and challenges to bring our patrons and exhibitors together for an event that epitomises agriculture. Agriculture continues to be an industry at the forefront of innovation.  The Wimmera Machinery Field Days has been an excellent platform to achieve this for the last 58 years.

We consider all our exhibitors and sponsors to be vital to our event and it’s with great appreciation that we recognise all they have contributed to the Field Days. Our exhibitors are essential to our industry and are always looking for an edge on the competition to provide customers with the results they want.  In addition they promote a fantastic atmosphere for our patrons and a great social day out.

We would like to thank all our volunteer and community groups whose participation and hard work help to make the Field Days a success each year.  I encourage you to be a part of the 58th annual Wimmera Machinery Field Days and we look forward to seeing you here in March 2020.

Chris Bartlett
President, Wimmera Machinery Field Days Committee