Murray Wilson WMFD Manager

Looking forward to March 2022!

The Wimmera Machinery Field Days was the last and only major agricultural Field Days to be held in Australia in 2020. Disappointingly due to the fluidity and ongoing uncertainties with coronavirus this now won’t be the case for the Wimmera in 2021

This has been an unfortunate decision for the committee to make knowing it would disappoint all our exhibitors, staff, contractors and suppliers, visitors, volunteers, sponsors and community groups who rely on this important annual event

Just as importantly it will be a big blow to all our regional farmers and ag industry professionals who benefit from the Field Days who will now not be able to share information, view the latest products, learn about the newest farming technology and most importantly celebrate agriculture in the region.

The Field Days injects several millions of dollars into the regional economy each year. There will be hundreds of local businesses who in 2021 will not be able to receive much-needed revenue from the staging of the Field Days next year.

The priority had always been to ensure the health and safety of exhibitors, all our visiting patrons and the hundreds of volunteers who are involved with the Field Days.

What it will do is it will put us in a position to be well prepared for the 2022 Field Days with a responsible COVID-19 safety plan and risk management framework in place based on the latest advice. This will enable us to build an even bigger, safer and more impressive event next year.

The Wimmera Machinery Field Days is a key member of the Association of Agricultural Field Days of Australasia and the Ag Field Days arm of Victorian Agricultural Society and will continue to be working with these groups in lobbying the state and federal Government for support to help bring to the agricultural communities bigger and better and stronger events across 2021 and 2022.

Murray Wilson
Manager, Wimmera Machinery Field Days